I’m not a big book reader, but I have read the first Twilight and I’m curious about the rest of the saga. Let me just say, I’m curious as to what happens, not completely enthralled with the book. I think the books are terribly written and a big bore to read. The dialogue is really cheesy and the characters seem so unrealistic. Truthfully, the only reason I read them is for the romanticism of Edward Cullen. I love the idea behind his character. I’m a girl. Sue me. And it doesn’t hurt that I found Robert Pattinson’s take on him appealing and making me want to read the book, so that when the movie comes out, I’m clued in.

Honestly, I’m just skimming through the Bella/Jacob drama until I find out when Edward comes back into the picture. And that’s my take on New Moon for ya!

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    I’m just now starting book 3. I agree with what you wrote! The book is not the best, but I’m a sucker for the romantic teen drama:-) Plus, he’s stinking hot! Which I didn’t think he was until I read the book. Weird. huh?

    So have you seen the movie yet? I watched it last weekend and loved it. It was really awful, but after just reading the book, I was into it. Did I say he was hot?

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    ha ha. Those are my exact sentiments. The movie was awful, almost laughable, but I could overlook it cause of Rob. P’s hotness. Ha ha. I kinda had the same feeling about Maxwell Caufield in Grease 2. Ha ha.

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