First off, this was a pain in the butt to shoot. Mainly cause my tripod is super crappy. I need to invest in a new one, but I may have to wait a couple of months for that.

I wanted this to be a little bit more visually interesting than my photos have been, so I added this Holga frame and desaturated the photo. I took several poses like this. This was actually the best and only usable one in my eyes. The other ones weren’t very flattering. This one is kinda awkward, but at the same time, very model-like, so I’m ok with it.

In was actually going to shoot with my wide angle before the sun set. Well, I saw a new neighbor and we chatted for 5-10 minutes. In that time frame, the sun set considerably and I missed the shot. When I used my flash, my wide angle adaptor lens only lets me shoot so narrowly (not incredibly wide). It’s leaves a flash shadow, as seen below. Bummer, eh?

I swear. I almost think it does more of a fish eye effect rather than a wide angle look. Do you think so too?



  1. says

    nah. I think it’s an illusion – much more wide angle than fish eyed 🙂

    You do a great job with these – I love seeing all your new ideas.


    p.s. Where do you get these Wreck This journals and does it have to be one of them or can you use any journal?

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