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This past weekend, I went home for my sister Angela’s wedding. She married Joel, her boyfriend of 5+ years. It was a lovely wedding…very small (there were only like 20 of us). My sister was so beautiful and everything was very low-key. No stressers! I’m very happy for them both. They are a great couple and they really light up when they are around each other. I’m glad my sister has found someone that makes her so happy as well as a great stepdad to her kids (they love him too…always have)!

beautiful bride
I was kinda the non-official photographer, but everyone else had to get their pics too so I did my best to get good shots despite the fact they were looking in all kinds of directions! I got some really pretty ones by the doorway that turned out really nice like this one of Angela. Although, you can’t see it, my mom made here dress. It was very simple and sweet.

This is Angela’s son Brock. He’s 10 now and getting so tall and handsome. He played the trumpet at the wedding. I let him get out his silliness in a few photos. I think it helped him relax so that he could smile more naturally. I love how this pic turned out.

flower girl
Taylor was absolutely adorable. My mom made this dress too.

satin bow
My mom used fabric with a little bit of sparkle in it and different sheens of material for the dress. She amazes me with her beautiful work!

The wedding was as much about being a family as it was about just the two of them. That was nice.

Here’s a few more of my fave photos. I’m really happy with how all my photos turned out 🙂

tay and granddad
I love this one of Taylor and my dad.

wedding cake
Angela made her own cake. It turned out lovely.

lovey dovey
Joel is a ham. Here he is playfully force kissing Angela in the church doorway. He’s a goofball. I think that’s one of the reasons that she married him. Ha ha.

And here’s a final pic of the happy couple!

happy couple

To see more of my pics from the wedding, visit my flickr set here.

Until next time Swellions!!!



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