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31 explored photos
If you use Flickr, you probably know about Explore. They are the top 500 photos uploaded to during a specific day. This is determined by how many times people fave a photo (clicking on it as one of their favorites), the number of comments is made, or how many people have viewed the photo.

My friend Chris is always in Explore (mainly because his photos are fabulous). I’m not quite as lucky, but a few of my recent photos including my Wreck this Journal page, an abstract of a drinking glass I shot, and my mosaic wall, all were considered Explore-worthy, which makes me happy!

I think you can tell from my explored photos, that one of the reasons they were popular is because they are colorful. People REALLY like colorful photos on Flickr! They also like colorful shoes, crafts, and signage as you can see. I guess that is my niche. Actually, I think this little showcase of Explored photos tells a lot about my personal preferences. To see any of the photos above, just click on the links below 🙂

1. rings, 2. scrapbook paper mosaic wall, 3. WTJ: write one word over and over, 4. dotted tissue paper lantern, 5. pumpkin jump, 6. ornament swirls, 7. up against the wall, 8. not too pure to be pinky mini lunchbox

9. buttons & bows, 10. swell belt buckle, 11. SSSSSSSSSSSSSS, 12. idea notebook, 13. a swell easter bunny, 14. tell me about it, stud, 15. bead beauty, 16. sugar rush

17. a shocking discovery, 18. inc(red)ible, 19. step on up, 20. It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere, 21. festive me, 22. aluminum christmas tree, 23. paint-o-rama, 24. Illuminated

25. marilyn glasses, 26. parkette drive in, 27. catalina, 28. new skirt and flip flops, 29. Vortex, 30. Woodland art fair…here I come, 31. ky theatre

Until next time Swellions!


  1. says

    I had no idea about explore!

    But then again, my photos are ho hum. I need to take a class. The familia just bought me a fancy pants Camera, and I just know one mode. Auto! haha.

    Congrats on making the cut. I’ll have to check out that feature

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