Good ol’ glue gun

glue gun

There are very few things that I own that represent my first adventure into crafting… but I dug out one out of my glue basket tonight to use that I would like to share! I’m thinking I probably bought this one on a trip to Piece Goods Fabrics with my mom. I have never seen one of these glue guns (even today) not be retailed for more than $1.99. It kinda cracks me up that it is mauve. Do you remember when everything in the early 90’s was mauve? Anyway, it looks kinda like I may need to throw it away, but I really don’t think I could do it. Just let me say, it still works like a charm. Case in point: I burned my pinky on it tonight just like I did in 6th grade making my pink satin ribbon hairbows!


Oh and this is an awful shameless plug, but relates…check out this shirt I made for my cafepress shop like 3 years ago (I have since thought I could improve upon the design). People have since ripped off my slogan on there, but at the time I thought it was pretty funny.

What craft supplies do you still have in your stash that you can’t part with?

Until next time Swellions!



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    I have that same gun! Same color, same stains and everything! haha. I think I bought it in the early 90’s, quite possibly the late 80’s. I still have it, and even though I have since purchased multiple glue guns, I will still break it out. None of my other guns gets quite as hot for such a small gun.

    Good times.

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