Rising to the occasion

pizza dough
I know this isn’t a stellar photo, but seeing this on Sunday really made me extremely happy. I had a urge to make a homemade pizza all weekend and bought everything to make the entire pizza from scratch.

I’ve attempted this several times growing up…making the whole shebang, rising dough and all. Probably 9 times out of 10, the dough just didn’t rise. I really felt like I followed directions and it would never work. It always bummed me out!

So as you can see, it did work this time! I don’t know if it is the dry, warm heat here in California, or maybe because I’m a bit older and wiser now (ha!), but it was like a little personal accomplishment that I was really proud of. It’s always nice to have success in something that isn’t in your normal comfort zone! And not just that! Punching the dough down is one of the best things about baking bread!

And my pizza turned out great too and was very tasty! See? By the way, that’s fresh basil from the farmer’s market, red onions, tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes on it! Honestly, I think pizzas look better before they are cooked. It has much more vibrant colors!

Pizza I made

Now that I had success with it, it kinda makes me want to get out my Best-Ever Breads book (I swear, it’s been more than 10 years since I made something from this book)! Giant pecan sticky buns, anyone?


Until next time Swellions!



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