So long 3 day weekend!

I guess it is officially over and I should be in bed now, but I just wanted to share some of my photos from the weekend!

My friend Allee texted me on Friday night asking what I was doing on Saturday at 6am. Well, normally I would be sleeping, but I got up unusually for me at 5:15 and we went yard sale shopping! There were lots of creepiness to be found (as seen in pic above). Bought a porcelain hand for a friend, some plastic doilies (which I’m thinking I may have lost already), and a hairbow for my niece from a teenage girl selling them from a little makeshift table. It’s hard for me to say no to that!
katie is super cute!
After that, went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday with my friend Katie. We decided to take pics with her new flowers. Some were very cheesy/senior moment pics. Katie is so cute! I got peaches that I made a peach cobbler with for Lauren and her hubby.

umbrellas 4 unity
Went to lunch today at the Patio Cafe in Fig Garden with my friend Gloria. It was nice. We ordered pizza that didn’t look a thing like pizza (more an open-face sandwich) and sat next to a couple apparently on their first or 2nd date. There was a bit of awkwardness that I felt for them! This pic is of the pretty umbrellas above our table.
Hung out with my friend Lauren yesterday. We went to Old Navy and I scored two pairs of jeans for $20, a cute pair of kicks (pictured) for $4.99 and a plaid skirt, cute violet shirt, and pink (swell color) sling bag.
cinnamon rolls baked
Today I got my hair cut, had an impromptu facial (getting out those impurities feels outta my face feels sooo good), and made the cinnamon rolls above (it was my second weekend in a row of dough raising). I plan on reheating (with butter) them in the morning and putting on the glaze to take into work.

I hope everyone else had a great, long weekend!

Until next time Swellions!!


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    It sounds like you had such a busy weekend!! We did too, Zach and his buddy Will came down and we were silly goats for three days… I miss you lady!

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