Two cool new blog features & how you can get your own!

Check it out! At the bottom of each of my posts I have two new features. First off, if you like one of my links and want to share it, just click on the little widget and share to your heart’s content! Here’s what it looks like!
share the swell
I’ve seen these, but didn’t really make the connection till yesterday when Kathy a.k.a. Crafty Chica mentioned it to me and said I should add it to my blog. I totally don’t know where I’ve been lately to not notice this before! Anyway, I’m sharing the love, if you want to add this to your blog and hopefully generate some more excitement, go to the Add This website, follow the super easy steps and add it into your html code!

Another cool feature I am adding is the LinkWithin Widget. It is a a widget that links to related stories from your archive under each story on your blog! It looks like this:
Cool, huh? This little widget is even easier to install than the one before, just go to the Linkwithin site, fill in the info, and add the widget to your blog!

If I find anymore cool features like these I will be sure to share!

Until next time Swellions!



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    Thanks for posting these. I’ve been seeing those and wondering how to add them to my blog. If you see me copying you – don’t be surprised!

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