More Maker Faire fun

Maker Faire is really cool and there is something for everyone. I found myself drawn more to the crafty aspects, but there was lot to do there for both tech and craft geeks…here’s some photos of stuff and things that I saw!

cupcake car 1

hostess cupcake car makes me hungry
These cupcake cars were pretty darn sweet (pun intended). It was so funny to watch the guy in the white birthday cupcake scoot around the lot. It was right out of a cartoon!

Here’s a video of them in action!

crazy light up wall
A giant “Blue Rain” light up wall (I look mean here, but I promise I wasn’t in a bad mood when I took this).

Here’s another crazy pic of me (I was trying to get a good 365 shot), this time in front of the crazy 2-liter sculpture…see a video here.

giant lego cake
The giant lego cake! This was cool, but I would be equally excited if I saw one of these in person!

go with the flow
I’m not sure what exactly this orange flowing material was (and I can’t find a link for the life of me…searched 30 minutes), but it was pretty. Reminded me of a Christo creation

video folk art lady
The Video Folk Art lady had such a bright and colorful look that matched her equally colorful and wild booth!

That’s all for tonight, but I’ll be back with more goodies tomorrow! I want to share some crazy robots I saw!

Until next time Swellions!



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    Agreed. I really wanted a picture in one (they were letting people sit in them), but I didn’t have anyone to take it and I didn’t have the chance to go back. Oh well.

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