One word: RANDOM!


Tonight, my friend and I went to a local eatery called the Public House. Outside and behind it were all these carnival rides and amusements in a field…totally just sitting there serving no purpose whatsoever. Totally looked like an accident waiting to happen! There was also trash littering the area as well. The whole area around this restaurant was very, very shady. They were working on a night club right behind it and it was the most bizarre/random structure ever. See?

When Commies get the blues, they hop a train to the Old West

It’s not every day that you see a Communistesque bar next to a Blues club with a kiddie train and Rodeo trail just hanging out in front of it! Oh, and on this building, there was some really awful faux finishing work done to look like fake brick and sandstone blocks. It reminded me of Neverland Ranch or something…you know those amusement-like parks that you hear about in foreign countries that look good from the outside but look like major fire traps on the insides? It just didn’t all fit together.

There were also some random horse rides…I think they went to the Rodeo Trail game…the type where you sit on the horses and shoot water at targets. Oh so bizarre.

by a nose

I do find this type of place amusing though, esp. from a photography angle…just wouldn’t want to be there at night by myself! More of this type of thing would make life more interesting!

I also found this incredibly random…a nice office chair just hanging out in the middle of a field.

office space?

Hmm…sometimes you just really can’t even begin to understand what people are thinking!

Until next time Swellions!



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    awww that’s sad… that was all supposed to me an amusement park, but 1/2 way thru the poor people lost funding:( Maybe someday it’ll get finished! That’s where Cabo Wabo was too btw.

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    I was going to say something very similar to Peptogirl: Thanks for the photoshoot, random crap! And next time, take a horse. At least try. I mean, what would those guys have done? I doubt they would have been after your license number or anything. Miss you lovely.

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