Original ideas are hard to come by

ready for their ring blanks

So last night, I enjoyed myself quite thoroughly while watching the CMT awards (a repeat) and making these little button ring stacks. I have yet to glue them onto their bases, but I plan on doing them this week. Don’t they look like visual candy? I think so.

So, the problem is concerning this project…I have the desire to sell these rings. Why do most people purchase materials to make things anyway? Well, I’m sure there are those people who have rooms and rooms of their creations that they can’t part with, but for the rest of us it is our desire to part ways with our creations and hopefully make some money in the process.

And while I truly love these rings in their color and uniqueness (in my mind), it still kinda bothers me to know that if I do sell them, online in particular, they will more than likely go unnoticed or sit in my shop waiting to be purchased. I know there is something to be said about marketing your work, hyping it up, etc., etc. But I don’t have that much time to devote to that (I’m sure some of you can relate to this as well). I want to put them online and for them to be appreciated and perhaps purchased. The problem is this: there is nothing totally “unique” about them to make them stand out from the Etsy crowd. It is soooooo hard to have an original idea these days, unlike 20 years ago, when something like this would have been purchased immediately for its uniqueness. Is this just me or do you other crafters out there who sale your wares know what I mean? With materials and supplies being so readily available on the internet and stores, and with ideas being so abundant, a basic craft project can be knocked off in no time. It’s so hard to stand out from the rest.

Yes, I could prob. really sit down and hard and think of an idea that would be purchased, but it’s kinda a crap shoot. An item I think is wonderful might not be that way for the next person. And a really good project that is totally original would require a process or style that couldn’t easily be copied. As a lot of you know, once you put it out into the web universe, it is no longer your “exclusive design” becomes something a handful of people or thousands of people want to copy.

Does anyone else know where I’m coming from with this? I’m not meaning to sound all Debbie Downer or anything, it’s just a frustration of mine that I’ve felt for a while.

OK, lunch is over…back to work!

Until next time Swellions!



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    You are definitely not alone in your thoughts! This is precisely why I have been procrastinating on actually posting (or making) anything for sale in my Etsy shop…sigh.

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    I Know exactly what you mean, Alexa! I often make unique projects to show my blog readers and then end up not showing them because as a professional designer whose income is derived from my art and product concepts, I know that if I put it “out there”…it’s gone. I like inspiring people but because this is my business, I hold back. It’s a whole new world because of the internet…good and bad.

    Your rings are fabulous! I’d like to buy some.

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    I agree, it seems like its all been done. I find myself doing more elaborate things to stand out from the crowd. Finding the one item that everyone wants is great, but it really is just a matter of time before someone else is making a similar item (and maybe even selling it cheaper). I just hope that my “style” will keep people interested in my version.
    I also have found local shows to be good, people like to meet the artist, have a conversation and hear about your work. I am in the mid west, so a lot of the trends are slow to get here, I look like I’m on the cutting edge, lol!

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    Yeah, this is frustrating for us all. There is excitement in showing something and getting almost instant gratification, but I totally understand why you don’t want to release something into the world, cause it is there for the taking!

    I’m not quite done with the rings, but I will complete them this week. I need to get on it and try to get them uploaded. Also, I will say that one marketable skill on Etsy I have is the photography, but we will see what happens!

    I know what you mean crafterella…in KY the trends took a while too. Not everyone had seen the button creations and they enjoyed them. There is a market somewhere for them, it just means getting out there and finding the right place for your things!!

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    Pretty rings! I know what you mean, Etsy can be rough because there is sooo much to look at. I definitely think marketing and photography is part of it (you’ve got the photography part down!). Even if it’s not an original idea and the rings aren’t that difficult to make, you still took the time to design them (color and shape choices) so that they are beautiful and unique in their own way. You might try selling them in person too. I find that mainstream people who don’t know about Etsy (hard to believe!) are always impressed by that sort of thing. Try reaching out to a different audience maybe? Good luck!

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    I definitely agree. I’ve been more than hesitant to post in my etsy for the same reasons. As if I wasn’t critical enough of my own work-to have it on display where in the slight chance someone appreciates my work, they could just purchase the materials and make it themselves anyway. I suppose its such as life–take the chance and do away with the rest?-By the way-I think those ring tops are absolutely adorable!

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