I heart postcards!

i love postcards

These are postcards from a set from the Museum of Modern Art and I just love them. I love modern art much more than ancient art. It’s so much more colorful, kitschy, and expressive. I quickly laid these postcards out and now I realize I picked the most risque of the bunch to showcase in the front. Eh, I think I’ll leave it. Anyway, I have never been to go to MOMA (I did go to the MET once), but one of these days, I want to take a day trip to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, since it is only 3 or so hours away from me! Part of the reasons I want to go to them is for the fab gift shops. I’m pretty certain this is where this postcard set was purchased for me (I’m pretty sure by my friend Steve 🙂 Anyway, I’d love to do a creative project with them one of these days and put them on display. It’s so sad they sit in a bin most days, not getting to be enjoyed? Do you have any cool ideas for them?

Until next time Swellions!



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