I’m jealous, I admit it

Yes, I am a jealous girl. Why you ask? I see photo upon photo of bright, colorful craft studios that make my mouth salivate and it punches me in the gut a little bit. Why can’t I have that too?

Like, I just love the eclectic/fancy/colorama atmosphere of Boopsie Daisy’s workspace!

jenny b
The colors, paper lanterns, gingham and warmness inspire me in Jenny B Allsorts space

The girly vibe and color pink make me swoon (along with that chair!) in the Cupcakery Girl’s studio.

I love the simplicity and muted colors in Somethings Hiding Here’s studio. So clean and refreshing.

The milkglass organization in Peptogirl’s studio mixes new and vintage and I just love that.

It’s not to say that I can’t have it, I just have to make it happen. Yep, I’m one of those people you see on those shows like Clean House where people have to come in and overhaul the space. Now, now. Not always (currently my living room, kitchen, and dining room are somewhat clean), but I have yet to attack my office. It just seems soooo overwhelming to me. Always have. All the little embellishments, paper scraps, documentation, photo frames…everything makes my head spin. So you want to know what my space has going for it…do you really? I seriously can’t believe I’m showing this, but here goes:

So, there’s really not much excuse. I am renting, so I can’t paint and I think a splash of color and more permanence would inspire me to shape it up more. This room has actually become more of a catchall room than anything. Does anyone else have a room like this that they are totally embarrassed over or is is just me and my extreme sloppiness?

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  1. says

    My whole apartment looks similar to this when I’m getting ready for a craft show! I hear you on the renting issue. Right now my office/ craft room is a little 5×10 corner in our dining/ living room! lol. I love to organize though and I somehow manage to cram in new craft supplies. Every time I come up with a new organization idea, I get excited because it means I have room for a few more supplies!

  2. says

    If you can’t paint, could you hang colorful artwork or bright fabrics down the walls? And organizing my craft room seemed an impossibly overwhelming task until I decided to concentrate on one area at a time: one day or evening devoted to just getting my paper in order, then another time tackling the paints, another time dealt with the stamps/inks, another day was spent with my desktop, on another I cleaned out my closet, etc.
    Breaking the HUGE undertaking into small, manageable pieces made it so much easier and I am happy to report that I am now much more productive because I know where things are and don’t have to spend so much time “wading” through all my stuff to find my brads and eyelets or my ribbons. I know just where they are. Good luck!

  3. says

    I wish I had a craft room…right now my projects are all done on the computer, which sits in our living room. My entire house use to look like that room, but now that we moved to a larger place where we can fit stuff, only our bedroom looks like that. Someday when its NOT 8 billion degrees we’ll tackle it too….

  4. says

    I’m embarrassed of my husband’s room. He builds drums and we have no shed (yet), so all his wood, tools, etc. are crammed in that room. And he’s a natural slob… I absolutely hate going into that room!

  5. Steph H. says

    So, where are you located? If you’re near me, I might be willing to pop over and assist you in the organizing! I am a professional organizer and can always use some more portfolio shots – before and after pix, KWIM?

  6. says

    im so jealous aswell, i know exactly how i want my studio to look, but our rooms are so tiny that no matter what i do, they always look a mess. really cant wait to get a larger house and have yummy rooms like these

  7. says

    Hi Alexa,

    Seriously, I have always wanted my studio space to look just like Something’s Hiding in Here’s space.

    I have finally resolved myself to the fact that certain people (me, and maybe you) just cannot work that way. Though if I could choose an environment that a) I loved aesthetically and b)could still work for me, I would choose hers.

    Seems like you need to have a ton of stuff around you to be able to access it at any moment. I am that way, anyhow. It is chaotic and weird to some, but it is the way it is.

    Plus!! Let’s not forget that those folks probably had a massive clean up for the photos that they took before the snapped those pix, unlike your raw courage with your photo 😉

    I say, do it! embrace the chaos, until it drives you sp nuts and then clear out a bit and start over again. I am totally with you sister 🙂

    xo amy

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