Spending time with Grandmother

spending time with grandmother

This is a little drawing I did in 3rd grade about my Grandmother and me. I think the assignment was to do a drawing about a family member or someone you liked to spend time with.

I chose my grandmother. Going to her house was always a treat for me as a kid. It was the typical kid experience of getting away with what you didn’t get to do at home. She always stocked the house with junk food (Cheetos, ice cream, soda, etc.) and I always knew I could watch TV as much as I wanted and she would never object. The only times I generally had to watch what she wanted was when I flipped past bowling (she loved watching bowling) or an old movie was on. I think I liked going there mainly cause I got my way and got to feel special.

She would take me out to eat, we would buy lottery tickets and scratch them, and she would take me to the mall and occasionally buy me a few things. I think with me being her only granddaughter, she wanted to do what would make me happy and cater to me. That was always her way with everyone. She was very welcoming to her guests and their needs. She wanted everyone to be happy.

This past year, she moved from her home to a trailer on my parents’ property. I felt very sad about this, knowing that the end was near. It happened a lot sooner than I expected, but I’m glad that she’s at peace now. I will always look back fondly on our special times together and how she cared so very much for me.

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