Swell goes to Savannah and Tybee Island

a futile effort

Sorry peeps for not letting you know of my weeklong (actually more than that) hiatus. I had a busy week, some visitors, and then a trip with the fam. I went to Tybee Island/Savannah! That’s my nephews and niece above on the shore trying to save their pool they dug out of the sand. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be saved (I did try to forewarn them though).

I’ve never been to Tybee Island before and it was really nice. My favorite part of the trip was actually a camera-less time. We went walking at night on the beach in search of crabs…we found a few shells, styrofoam, plastic bottles, and soggy potato chips, but no crabs. Oh, well. It was fun walking in the almost complete darkness next to the waves. I’ve never walked by the beach at night. It was really peaceful!

One of my favorite photos I took was this one of my niece. We took some family portraits and I always to shoot her too, cause she’s so darn photogenic.

the most beautiful girl

Other things I did? I had a seafood dinner at the Crab Shack (it’s on Tybee and sooo good…you have to go if your in the neighborhood), went shopping with my sis in the quaint stores that downtown Savannah has to offer, walked with the fam up and down River Street, and went on a ghost walk (cough, cough, it was kinda a waste of $16). Oh well, it was all fun and I had a great time. Our condo was super nice and everything was laid back. I needed it!

Check out all my photos from my trip on my flickr stream. I took a bunch more that I will upload tomorrow. I just like to edit and color correct all my photos before I process them.

Until next time Swellions!


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