Back to School Time


Does this image bring back memories or what? Found this photo via this site (I really didn’t want to type that name out on my blog).

Anyway, yeah, today was the first day for my nephew and niece today. I’m sure a lot of kiddos started back this week as well!

You know, I don’t miss being in school (having been out for 9 or so years), but there was a lot of excitement and stress I always felt about starting back. I remember not being able to sleep much the night before. I was very worried about looking good and who I was going to sit with when I arrived at school. That was always a nervewracking experience!

I also remember setting out all my clothes for the week ahead. Growing up I was a lot better about it than I am now. I would have about a week’s worth of new clothes my mom bought or made for me…I especially loved skorts, skirts, and dresses! I remember one such outfit being a red gingham jumpsuit that I wore in 9th grade (made by the same pattern as . I wore it with little Sam and Libby flats that had jangly seashell silver charms on them. I loved those things.

I loved going back to school because it meant you got new supplies! I loved getting the new box of crayons, glue, lunchbox (mind was a Popples one like this…I also had one that had a radio inside). And as I went to college, it was so much fun to buy stuff for the dorm. For several years after college, I went through withdrawals when I walked through Target at Back to School time (the cheap plastic stuff doesn’t appeal to me quite as much these days, though I do like some of it). There’s was always a fresh start to be had and I liked starting with a clean slate to the year.

I hope everyone has a great year back and if you have kids, a stress-free as possible return. I know all the paperwork, permission slips, and price tags can be pretty daunting! So now you guys know why I don’t have kids! ha ha.

Oh, and by the way, I would absolutely love to get my own pics of random school lunches. That would make such a great series. We never had a pretzel with our lunch, but we had the combo of pizza, corn, and applesauce. I will admit, even though it looks disgusting, it was somewhat tasty. I remember kids always running back for 50ยข second helpings!

Until next time Swellions!



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    Haha! That pizza does look good. Those were what our lunches looked like in my NY elementary school, but the CA ones were veeeeeeery different. It would be neat to see pictures from different regions to see what kids eat better!

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    I was just talking to someone recently about pizza and corn served in elementary school. He looked at me like I was crazy and it made me sad that he didn’t get corn with his pizza.

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