Details on making a finger loom bracelet

neon finger loop bracelet

Someone asked me how to make the loop bracelet I showed last week on my blog. Honestly, it kinda came naturally me when I made it and I could do all the step by steps, but I found a tutorial (just one…I thought there would be more) on how to Make a homeade jump rope. This is the process you go by to make the bracelet, necklace, belt, etc. The nylon loops are all different sizes, so the thickness of the bracelet is a bit wonky throughout. I tried to stretch the nylon loops to what I thought was the same tautness (sp?), but it didn’t really make a difference when I weaved them.

Perhaps this could be a cool idea with a different type of fabric (something of the stretchable variety), so if you make something I’d love to see the results. I had fun making it, but I don’t really plan on doing any more, but it is a cool technique that could be finessed!

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