Halloween crafting starts early in the house of swell!

Tonight I spent 3 hours or so doing Halloween crafting…wanna see what I made?

I made 2 tulle/felt/button headbands and several ring stacks ready for their blanks!

halloween headband 1

halloween headband 2

future halloween rings

So what does this really mean? Well, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve I want to share:

– I plan on once again doing Terrorific Tuesday. I’ll be sharing details in the next couple of weeks how you can get in on the action and share in the love of Halloween Crafting! I want to give you a bit of a headstart. I know holidays can be hectic!

– I plan on opening an Etsy site exclusively selling my Halloween goods. I have a couple of weeks to get it up and going…I plan on selling the goods above on there, so stay tuned. I’ll let you know when it’s prepared to launch.

– And finally, I’m taking on a big endeavor…early to mid October, I will be posting 24 Halloween craft ideas in 24 hours! More than likely it will be on a Wednesday or Thursday, but I will keep you informed. And don’t worry, I can set my blog up so that I can save posts ahead of time and for them to be launched at a certain time. I used to think that you had to physically go in and post a blog every hour. Man, that wouldn’t be any fun!

Hope you are excited about these future Halloween crafts I plan on sharing. Are you busy working on any of your own, or am I the only nut out here doing stuff ahead of time?

Until next time Swellions!



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