Revisiting my crafty past

Tonight I went to Hancock Fabrics and while there I spotted a bag of neon nylon loops like these:

neon loop pack

and I created this neon looped bracelet using my fingers as a loom!

neon finger loop bracelet

I think it was third or fourth grade when I learned how to do this. We were given the craft to do as a part of Vacation Bible School at Beulah Cumberland Presbyterian Church (the church I attended growing up). Anyway, I became a little addicted with making these finger loom bracelets that summer. I remember taking the loops with me and working on them on my way to swim meets. I rode with another family to the meets and one of the little girls I rode with totally stole them from me and then lied saying she didn’t! At the time it totally burned me up!

I find that my young crafty self is a lot like myself now. I go through phases in my crafting. After I made these loom bracelets, I made macrame friendship bracelets and hair bows. I made them while watching television and I made this little bracelet tonight while watching Project Runway (shout out to an old friend Cody Critcheloe who I saw wearing an outfit in one of the designer’s portfolios).

I do want to mention that I still struggled with finishing the bracelet off tonight. Ha. Weaving, knitting, crochet has never been my thing so the fine tuning throws me for a loop (pun intended).

I don’t know that I’ll actually wear this, but it was fun to make and revisit. It’s the type of thing I think my niece would love, so I might send her a baggie full of loops and instructions, so that she can discover a new craft just like I did back in the day!

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    Ya know those potholders we used to make with these loops were just the best ever. All the other types I’ve had since fall apart quickly and are not sufficient;y flexible.

    The closest I have come is to sew my own from double terrycloth.

  2. says

    I remember these neon bands from my days at Arts and Crafts camp! Ahh, the memories. I, too, find that once I start working in one medium, I get hooked for a little while. . .well, until I lose interest.

    On the loom topic, I just went to a workshop at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC, where designer Megan Nicolay recrafted old t-shirts into woven wonders. It was amazing!

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