Thrifting with PattieWack!


Today PattieWack and I went thrifting and we found a bevy of cool things…a few of which I thought I’d share. Pattie bought the camera above for only $3.50! A cute little accent to display! Fun, huh?

I spotted a few things that caught my eye (and hers) as well:

mini teacups
These were fun and colorful.

thermometer set
Love the good design on this old packaging. I love that people really made design interesting and eye catching back then.

davy crockett iron-ons
These Davy Crockett Iron-ons were pretty fab!

red display
And one of the shops always has a different colored display each month. This month it is red!

If you look in my Twitter sidebar you can see a few more things of what I saw!

Until next time Swellions!



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