Bewitching Plaque

bewitched plaque

I have seen several gift manufacturers make super cute little Halloween plaques like this one at super outrageous prices, so I decided to take this idea into my own hands! Using stickers, paint, beads, wire and ribbon, I whipped this one up in no time, and I’m really excited with how cute it turned out! Here’s how you can make your very own!

Bewitching Plaque

What you need:
– oval wood plaque (I purchased my at Wal-mart for 96¢)
– orange acrylic paint
Black Scribbles paint
Collage Pauge Instant Decopauge medium in Sparkle
– 1″ foot 22 gauge wire
– Halloween ribbons in various colors (I also used tulle strips)
– random beads in Halloween colors
– handheld drill or power drill
– wire cutters
– stickers of your choice (these are all hand-drawn star stickers that I made)
– pencil

What you do:
1. Paint your plaque with orange acrylic paint.
2. Space out two holes about 5 inches apart from each other and at top of plaque. Mark with a dot for drilling. Drill two small holes for the wire to go through.
3. Freehand the word “Bewitched” or phrase of your choice on your plaque lightly in pencil. Shake Scribbles paint bottle, remove cap and start squeezing on a scrap piece of paper to prevent air bubbles. Now use Scribbles paint to trace the penciled word.
4. Dot around edge of oval with Scribbles paint in even pattern. Let dry.
5. Print stickers off computer (you can also use store-bought stickers). Place and position on plaque.
6. Brush Collage Pauge Sparkle decopauge over entire surface and let dry.
7. String random beads in asymmetrical pattern on wire. Cut 3 or 4 inch pieces of ribbon and tie in knot in between beads. Position and look compare strung beads to where they will lay with drilled holes. Remove/modify your design if for any reason it looks funky or too busy…do this before the next step!
8. Once you are satisfied with your design, poke wire through the holes and create wire-wrapped loops. Cut off excess wire with wire cutters.

Here’s a little detail of my ribbon and beads strung through the wire.

This really is a simple craft with a big impact! Everyone loves cute crafts that make them smile and this will def. put a smile on your face when you see it! Ha ha…when I was typing in the tags, I literally typed in Witch Craft. Hmm, I guess it is after all!

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Check back next hour for another spooktastic craft idea!


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