Dark Shadows Photo Frame

dark shadows frame

Looking for a unique Halloween frame idea? This is a great one, esp. for someone who loves a good scary comic like Dark Shadows! I saw some great scary comics at a local thrift store and thought the imagery was perfect for a custom frame. Here’s what I did!

Dark Shadows Photo Frame

What you need:
– Horror-themed comic book
– Scissors
– unfinished wood frame
– black craft paint
– Collage Pauge Matte decopauge medium
– foam brush(s)

What you do:
1. Using foam brush, paint frame with black craft paint. Let dry.
2. Cut out imagery from comic book. I cut out scary character expressions and creepy imagery.Lay out cutouts on frame and arrange or just decopauge as you go.
3. Using foam brush, brush Collage Pauge onto front and back of clippings and apply to frame. Once everything has been decopauged on, cover frame again with a coat of Collage Pauge. Let dry.

I chose to put an equally spooky photo in my frame (yes, that’s me), but you could also put a creepy costume photo or silly expression photo in the frame. I could see someone doing a faux vampire pose. That would be fun.

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Check back next hour for another spooktastic craft idea!



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