Deviled Egg Halloween Costume


Here’s a pretty clever costume that will grab you by the horns! Hee hee! I wore this a couple of years ago to my company Halloween party and I snagged second place. In general, I’m so busy throughout the Halloween season, that I rarely have time to devote to a major costume effort, so my costumes usually end up being a last minute/night before kinda deal. This is exactly what happened with this costume and it turned out really funny and cute!

Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

What you need:
– foam core
– red and black facepaint
– cutting knife
– pencil
– blank headband (I bought a wide ready-made one at a dollar store for a dollar)
– white or clear string
– glue gun with glue sticks
– yellow paint
– red paint
– red craft foam
– red seed beads
– white or red outfit
– long dowel rod painted black (optional)
– red glitter paint (optional)

What you do:
1. On a piece of foam core, draw out an egg shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Even if it’s a little off, people will get the idea.
2. Using cutting knife, cut around shape. Seriously, I think I used scissors for this. I know that’s not good for foam core, but I’m a down and dirty kinda crafter and I’m terrible with an Exacto. If you do this, just don’t be too aggressive with your scissors and end up breaking them!
2. In the center of the egg shape, use a foam brush to create the yolk part of the egg. While paint is still wet, sprinkle on the red seed beads (It will resemble paprika). Let dry.
3. Attach a string at the tops of egg and hold in place with hot glue so that you can wear it around your neck.
4. Paint a plain headband red (for me, the craft paint held surprisingly well). Cut out little horns from craft foam. Spread with red glitter glue or Tulip Glitter paint if you like. Once dry, use hot glue to attach them to headband. Ha! Or better yet, go to the Dollar Store and buy a pair for a dollar.
5. If you want a pitchfork, simply cut the design out of foam core (I referenced a photo on the internet for the shape). I then used red glitter paint on top to further accent. I glued the foam shape design to the end of a dowel that was painted black.
6. Dress up in all white or red and make your face in the styling of a devil (refer to an internet photo for pointers).

Now that you look the part, act it! I’m sure I had some pretty “hellish” one liners like “Don’t bother me, I’m in a rotten mood today!” or “Sure, you want to eat me now, but they’ll be hell to pay later. Mwahaha.”

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Check back next hour for another spooktacular Halloween craft idea!



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