Oct 4, 2009

Easy Jack-O-Lantern Bib

jack-o-lantern bib

My mom whipped up this cute little baby bib for my niece Ava and it's her submission for this week's Terrorific Tuesday project! I'm hosting her cute project on my blog since she doesn't have one. I also like showing off her super swell work...

Here's what she had to say about the project:

"This is a ready-made bib that with a jack-o-lantern face that I digitized and embroidered on, but one could use black fleece and sew it onto a bib for a quick and easy Halloween project."

So all you seamstresses and crafters take note! I also think that for all you non-seamstresses, you could use plain felt and securely glue it in place with OK To Wash-It Glue.

Check back this Tuesday to see the other Terrorific Tuesday entries from our contributors!

Until next time Swellions!



Kat, The Fearless Crafter said...

oh how cute! Makes me wish I had an embroidery machine!

Margot Potter said...

This is adorable! Beautiful work.


Candace said...

So cute!

My Big Mouth said...

This is too cute!
It totally looks like something you would buy at a department store too.
Your mom did an excelent job!!

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