Fun and Funky Halloween Doodle/Star Earrings

halloween earrings

Looking for something a little bigger and bolder to wear this Halloween season? This super simple project is fun and easy to make and a project you might want to whip up for friends too! Here’s how I did it!

Fun and Funky Halloween Doodle/Star Earrings

What you need:
– school folders in Halloween colors (I got mine for only 19¢ at Walmart)
– permanent marker
– pencil
Liquid Fusion Glue
– Scissors
– Round shapes to trace
– Rhinestone stars or other rhinestone shapes
– jump rings
– Earwires
– Pin or needle
– Round-nosed pliers

What you do:
1. Lay out onto your file folder 2 round shapes (I used a small lid and Woodsie shape to trace for mine). Use pencil to trace the shapes onto file folders in alternating colors. Cut out shapes with scissors. Optional idea: Use custom circle punches or a circle cutter to make your shapes.
2. Go around edges of both cutout shapes with permanent marker. Lay shapes on top of each other and determine what design you want to doodle on them. I chose to do stripes and dashes. Once my design was finished, I glued the shapes together with Liquid Fusion Glue.
3. Adorn with star rhinestone or rhinestone of your choice. Glue on with Liquid Fusion glue.
4. Poke hole at top of circles with pin. Open up jump ring and insert into hole. Hook earwire loop onto jump ring and close.

Since this is so fast and easy to do, you may want to make more for charms or to possibly make a long necklace or short choker design. Would make a super cute accessory for your Halloween outfit…esp. if you’d rather look Halloween-y than dress up in a costume!

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Check back next hour for another spooktastic Halloween craft!


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