Oct 22, 2009

Halloween This & That

halloween cupcakes

Last year, I took this photo on Halloween and do you know what kinda is bummy about Halloween? Right after it is over, it seems people are over it. I already kinda see it in the stores...stuff is already getting put on major sale or is already getting clearanced. I guess that is mass commercialism for ya! Anyway, I wanted to share this cupcake photos. I just love all the color!

In other random, random Halloween news, I bought this yesterday at Sephora:

Philosophy Trick or Treat Bath set

I also got out some of Halloween stuff to put out (I've been busy with blog stuff and all and haven't been able to decorate). I feel like I have too much stuff and not enough places to display it! :( I need more shelving area, cause I love it all so much and I already seriously downsized the stuff last year from 4 containers into 3. Here's a pic of a few of my things...

halloween decor

Also, check out these cool witch postcards from my friend Silvia. I love them.

halloween cards from silvia

Oh, and a while back I bought a whole slew of stickers. Inside I found these fabulous Halloween Lisa Frank ones!

lisa frank Halloween stickers

Oh, and here's my funny skull photo of the day!


Gotta get to bed. I have ceramics training tomorrow!

Until next time Swellions!



Carrie said...

Love the mask how cool!

Lisa Frank is the best!


Regina said...

Ohhhh yummy looking cupcakes...but ummm now I'm hungry...LOL!!! As always, great post girl!!

Sacred Yoli said...

You got some great scores!

Wishing you an early Happy Halloween, Chica!

Meg said...

Oh those cupcakes are spooky and colorful at the same time. I also love that cat picture- it looks just like my cat! Same wide eyed expression.

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