Cirque Du Noel!

Cirque du Noel

OK, ok, I realize Halloween isn’t over yet and I’m already moving on, but I’m kinda Halloweened out. Not to say I won’t be participating in Halloween festivities (I plan on sharing my outfit for work tomorrow…it will make you laugh), I am just ready to delve into other holiday crafting!

Speaking of which, if you weren’t aware already, I’m a member of an Etsy team… Fresno Etsy Especial. And we are putting on a show here in Fresno that is gonna rock your Holiday socks off. I’ll admit, I was pretty stoked when I learned that Silvia and Alana (the head organizers of the event) were going to use the name I threw out on a whim for the show… “Cirque Du Noel”. The goal of this show is to expose our community to our Etsy team, but also make them more aware of the handmade culture and the dynamic individuals in our community who love to express themselves through their own personal arts and crafts!

So, if you are from Fresno, please, please mark it on your calendars and if you know someone from Fresno, please forward this on. It would be much appreciated!

Until next time Swellions!



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    um…I just found your blog! It is amazing! You are in Fresno?? That is awesome!! I grew up here and moved to New Orleans in 2003. I came back after Katrina! I miss the south…alot! So glad to find your blog!

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