Simple Halloween Button Earrings

simple button earrings

There’s no reason to spends lots of cash on buying Halloween jewelry accessories when you can make your own for yourself or family friends in minutes! Here’s some super swell and cute ideas for making sweet button earrings that won’t break the budget!

What you need:
buttons in various sizes and Halloween colors (go small or large, but in general I’d stay away from 2″ buttons, those may not work so well, but I’d love to see you prove me wrong!)
Liquid Fusion Glue
earring posts and backs
mini rhinestones (optional)
fine tip permanent marker (optional)
glitter (optional)

What you do:
1. Lay out your buttons in front of you and play with the different shapes and sizes stacking them on top of each other until you figure out your configuration. You can do exact sets or mix and match styles if you want. Halloween is a kooky time anyway, so have fun with your jewelry!
2. Use a small amount of Liquid Fusion glue to glue your buttons together. Let dry.
3. Glue your finished stacked buttons to your earring posts. At this point I usually set my buttons face down on a flat surface so that the post sticks straight up in the air. Let dry.

That’s it! Have fun with this! Add to the button goodness by doodling around your buttons with a permanent marker (use clear nail polish to seal it) or by sprinkling a little glitter accents. Another fun idea is to bling up your earrings with mini rhinestones. Also consider going goofy by adding some mini googly eyes! The sky’s the limit (at least that’s what a witch told me…hee hee…I realize that was really bad and so not funny).

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Check back next hour for another Spooktacular Halloween craft!



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