I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

I finally got my new Mac and I’m so excited about it and I just can’t hide it! I got to play with a few of the features including the Photobooth application and the iMovie application and I made what you see above and below (my 365 photo…yes, I know I look crazed in it). I think my video turned out really cute. I’m excited about it and the possibilities I have with iMovie.


It was a beautiful thing seeing the screen below come up! I had a G4 tower that was 9+ years old. It just wasn’t cutting it here lately I’m so grateful to have a brand new machine to work on, blog on, and communicate on. Tonight I Skyped with both my mom and da and Kathy! It was fun and what a great way to stay in touch.

My new mac!!!

So, hopefully things will be a lot easier for me to do graphically, photographically, and blog-wise. I’m super excited, did I say that yet??


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    Twenty years ago, we started as a Mac family. About ten years ago we moved to PC because it was easier to work at home. I mourned the loss of my Mac. Last spring, we went back to Mac and LOVE it!

    Have fun!

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