My first Shrinky Dink!

My first Shrinky Dink

No joke! I’ve never made Shrinky Dinks before tonight. While over at Silvia’s tonight, we decided to craft and she suggested Shrinky Dinks, to which she received a resounding yes from me!

I actually own two packages of Shrinky Dinks…the regular kind and the digital inkjet kind. I’ve just never gotten them out and played, though I’ve always intended to. There are a lot of crafts like this that I always say I’m going to try, yet never do. I don’t know, sometimes I just lack the motivation.

So, tonight, there were no excuses! I doodled to my heart’s content, then Silvia slid them in the oven to shrink. After she got them out, she pressed them between two glossy paperbacks. And even after that, we layered them on top of each other and fused them together even more in the oven. The result is almost a fused glass look (there are instructions for this in the packet).

I really enjoyed making them and could see why people get so addicted to them! I may just have to drag out those packs and give a go on my own!

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    Ooh. Fun. I’m like you in that I buy supplies all the time with the intention of making but don’t actually get around to the making part.

    Next time, punch a hole in the dink before you cook it. Use a hole punch- it will shrink down to the proper size. That way you can use it as a charm.

    Thanks for your fun posts.

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