My mom’s work on Extreme Home Makeover

Room my mom worked on for extreme makeover

Here’s a screen shot of the room my mom worked on for Extreme Makeover for the Mattingly Family. She sewed the curtains and the pillows on the bed. The room turned out super cute and had a dog boutique theme (they have 5 dogs and even a doggy door going out to custom made dog houses in the back yard). I’m pretty sure the little girl said, “It’s fantastic, it’s perfect.”

I think she did a great job, don’t you?

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    This is awesome! Hopefully your mom is getting some business from this kind of exposure?

    The house that they’ll show this Sunday was worked on by my husband. He did the roofing and framing. Guess those pics won’t be as impressive as this one. ;p

    We were weirded out by the behind-the-scenes of the show. They tell you that everyone is a volunteer, when in reality, most people there are either getting paid or promoting their business in some way. At least a deserving family gets a home, though!

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