The Thankful Pumpkin (Repeat)

thankful pumpkin 2

Here’s a repeat project from last year that I made. It’s quick and simple…yeah, that’s me. And if you don’t want to use paint, you could use a silver or gold pen too!

The Thankful Pumpkin

– medium or large pumpkin
– Copper Pearl paint
– thin drafting tape (I used Rainbow Tape)
– newspaper
– damp cloth

1. Wipe off any dirty spots of pumpkin with cloth.
2. Spiral tape around pumpkin as a guideline for your writing.
Thankful pumpkin step
3. Lay down newspaper, and using writer, write “I’m thankful for…” and then list things you are thankful for. You may need to do it in sections at a time, so not to smear your paint. Let dry.

Oh, and enjoy your pumpkin with family and friends!

Until next time Swellions,



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