Taylor’s Top 5 Holiday Kid’s Crafts!

tay and brocko's gift
Taylor’s “Awesome Angel”. See below for instructions.

So, my niece Taylor wanted to do a blog post with me. I thought it would be cool if she helped me come up with a list of 5 easy and fun crafts to do for kids. Taylor and Brock (her brother) make a special craft each year for family and friends, so they have a lot of crafty expertise. Each year they do something new and different, so Taylor is going to pick her top 5 ideas below. So, she’s going to type them below. Take it away Taylor!

1. “The Bomb” bookmarks.
It’s so simple. You’ll need paper (of any color).Then,cut them into strips and cut out a couple of pic.’s from a magazine (or draw) about special people in your life or family. Use the pic.’s and glue them on the striporoos. Use a hole punch for a hole at the top and string ribbon or yarn for a perfect holiday gift!

2.” Marvolous’ Ornaments.
First, take clear glass ornaments and a specail persons favorite color paint. Open the ornament and pour a medium amount of paint inside. shake the ornament up so that the paint goes all around the sides of the ornament, and wahla! There you go perfect christmas ornaments!let dry for at least an hour or more.

3. So Cool cookies
so First, you have to pick your favorite cookie mix and seporate the ingredients into layers in a jar. decorate your jar. heres a perfect gift for the holidays.put persons name on a tag give away!

4. Suddsy soap
To make these suddsy soaps you hve to find a holiday mold. put soap mixture into mold and let dry. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

5. Awesome Angels
Use styrofoam balls (Big,medium,small)and put them together with a toothpick.for hair use string and hot glue to the top of the head. for wings use white faethers to stick in the back.use toothpicks for arms and a pipe cleaner for the haylo. Oh, and add googly eyes for personality. you are done!

Thanks Tay Tay for sharing your super swell ideas! Here’s a pic of Taylor blogging her cool, crafty ideas.

Taylor typing up her blog

Hope you have a great holiday season! Until next time Swellions!



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    Thanks Taylor!! These are some great ideas for my 5 and 10 yr old boys to make. I think I will head off the the craft store to buy supplies for the angels and Christmas ornaments, these will be great gifts! I will post pictures when done and your auntie can show you (Alexa, I will tag you) Have a great Christmas! πŸ™‚

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