5 Swell and Random Things!

Foiled again!
1. Love this photo I took yesterday of colorful foil!! FYI…a project is in the works.

The Atomic Age
2. Love the cover of this old vintage book! My design heart pitter patters at this kinda thing!

3.This Dream Captcha by Gus23 is one of the most clever crafts I’ve seen in a while!

4. I soooooo want this Fresno pillow from Jonathan Adler. I just don’t want to pay $98 for it.

baseball keds
5. Oh, and in 10th grade, I totally rocked a pair of these Keds baseball shoes (I wore mine with laces). I wish I still had them!

Just a few little fun things. I’m in a random mood, what can I say?

Until next time Swellions!



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    I had those shoes too! I completely forgot about them.

    PURE AWESOME! I also rocked some jeans that rolled up purple when “pegged.”


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    O.k. I thought I was the ONLY one who had a pair of those baseball keds…and in 10th grade, too! I LOVED them, but was teased so much for wearing them that I threw them out! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in the world. 😉

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    Lisa & Molly: I totally wore them with legging which I wore a skirt over. The skirt was long and floraly. It looked really dumb prob. A few people said it looked dumb, a few people said it looked awesome. I had seen the girl wear the same outfit in a magazine ad for keds. I totally loved me some Keds back in the day!!!

    Aine & Kevin:
    I could look at retro stuff like this all day.

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