Make a Modern Statement Ring

Make a modern statement ring

So last night I was doing a little research online. I wanted to make a cool statement ring and I have seen a lot online, but none that totally caught my eye. When I sat down to create, I thought I would do a ring with a modern looking pinwheel or bow. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen with the materials at hand and I just began to play with some of my beads and findings on a little wooden disk. Then it happened…inspiration struck! I laid out my findings and started to create a little collage and my statement ring started to materialize in front of my eyes. It’s such a fun thing when you are in a groove and the moment and make a discovery. So, I wanted to share my discovery with you!

Make a Modern Statement Ring

– 1.5″ wooden disk
– Various findings, rhinestones, washers, beads, spacers, etc. (color doesn’t matter)
– Liquid Fusion glue
– toothpick
– white matte spray paint
– ring blank
– Matte spray sealer
– paper plate
– newspaper or cardboard surface
– tweezers
– camera phone or digital camera

1. On a flat surface lay out your wooden disk and various findings. Play around with shapes and combinations until desired collage look is achieved. At this point, I took a picture so that I could go back to this arrangement later.

make your ring arrangement

2. Lay out your various findings and disk onto cardboard. Prepare area outside or in well ventilated area for spray painting. Following spray paint directions, apply several coats, letting dry in between each application. Make sure to also flip and paint other side as well. Don’t overspray…this may cause puddling on your surfaces.

spray painting

3. Review your composition on your camera and start reconstructing your arrangement. I applied a little dab of glue to the backs of each finding and placed it onto my wood blank. Depending on how picky you are, you may want to use a toothpick to apply Liquid Fusion or arrange your findings using tweezers. Let dry thoroughly.

Applying glue

4. At this point, I actually sprayed another coat or two of spray all over the piece. I then coated it with a flat matte sealer.

5. Using glue, apply ring blank to back of wood circle and let dry.

6. Yay! You are finished! If you don’t want to make a ring (or if this is just a bit too big and too annoying), you can add a pendant bail or pin back instead!

Here’s a closer look at the finished project:


Hope you enjoyed this fun and easy project. And the cool thing? It used leftover materials I had around! I was actually surprised at how great it turned out. I think you will too!

Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    Carrie: I bought the ring blanks from Art Chix Studios, but you can also get them on Etsy. I don’t understand why they don’t sell them at craft stores!

    Mandy 🙂 I guess you love it!

    Vone: Yeah, I have other ideas brewing up to using this. It’s my favorite project in a while!

    Rachel: Thanks for the shout out love. I think I’m finally back into my crafty groove 🙂

    Silvia: Thanks babe! I will try to wear it on Thursday to show it to you in person!

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    Aww, girl you know I love the solid whites! Miss doing this stuff for the shows, which are happening right now as you know. Here’s to a great season! Fun take on the whole Johnathan adler thing.

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