New year, new me?


OK, I’ll admit it…I’m TERRIBLE at resolutions. I don’t like to commit to any one thing cause I don’t like to say I’m going to do something only to not follow through.

With that in mind, I don’t know that these are resolutions, but more statements of things I would like to aspire to do for self-improvement…so here goes (in no particular order).

1) Finally get designed or atleast get some kind of relevant content on it!

2) Become a better blogger and friend to my bloggy friends. I seriously need to better show my love and support for you guys who actually read what I have to say. I am going to comment more on here and visit your blogs as well.

3) Lose weight. I kinda think that the only way this will happen is if I incorporate this into my blog and let people know about, thus holding me accountable for making better choices and following through with my goal.

4) Be more social. I need to get out more and meet new people in my community. This also means breaking out of my comfort zone.

5) Travel and explore. I need to go to more unique places and reach outside of my borders. I don’t think this will be anything too exotic, but I should atleast try to get to Yosemite and see other local sites (and the ocean, of coures…I’ve only seen it 3 times since I’ve been in Cali)!

So, are you like me and not good at keeping your resolutions. If you comment about it, I promise to comment back. It would be pretty sad to not stick to my sorta/kinda resolution one of two days in it. That would be so super lame.

Until next time Swellions!



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    Excellent resolutions and I could certainly do with taking on most of them myself. I think I’ll start with trying to be a better blogger… Hope your new year celebrations were great and that 2010 will be filled with love, joy, peace, prosperity – and creativity. Carol

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    Carol: Blogging is def. a challenge. I know I need to be a better blogger too. I guess if we just both hang in there! 🙂

    Amy: Thanks! Yeah, now doing them is the hard part. Maybe I should include them on my blog? Yes, I’ll be at CHA. We should hang.

    Anne: Aww thanks. Thanks for leaving comments for me. I don’t say this enough, but I really do appreciate everyone who leaves me nice and inspirational comments. They do make my day.

    Melissa: Thanks 🙂

    Dances: If I can’t do them all, atleast I can try to improve upon one or two 🙂 Thanks so much for reading my blog!

    Paul: Heh, I don’t think I’ll ever be really skinny! We’ll have to see about the Houston thing. One of these days fo sho!

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    Im having a jolly good go at 3 and 4, the only problem being is I live almost next door to a KFC drivethrough…gloriously salty chicken wafts and wafts…

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    Milly…that would be tough! I live next to Starbucks; however, I have to drive all the way around the block to get to it. This is a very good thing.

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