Sand Hearts & other Valentine photo ideas

valentine in the sand

This is a post from last year that I thought I would reshare. Enjoy…

I wanted to create something special for my nephews and niece for Valentine’s Day now that I’m so far away. I really was struggling with an idea, but when I went to the beach, the idea popped into my head to write their names in the sand in a heart. I was going to make cards out of this, but decided to put them in frames for them to display in their room. I hope it reminds them that though I’m far away, I still love them very much and think about them.

Here’s me drawing Taylor’s Valentine in the sand:

sand heart

You could create a more elaborate frame, but I just put mine in a basic whitewashed (and cheap – only $2 each) frame from Big Lots. Big Lots has some really great frames!

I’m all about the quick craft. I like that it only really took me 15 minutes in all to draw, resize, print, and insert. It’s more about the sentiment than anything else. I think that’s the best kind of Valentine!

You can translate this idea into other photo image messages. Try photographing these ideas:

1) Write it in the snow
2) Spell it out with branches, nuts, or rocks (anything natural).
3) Arrange candies like red hots, conversation hearts, or M&M’s
4) Photograph a ribbon heart and name (satin ribbon would make beautiful cursive type)
5) Make a name and heart with buttons, rhinestones, or poor out glitter on a plain surface
6) Spell out the name in rose petals
7) Put a prized pet in the picture and write out the pet lover’s name in dog or cat food (or kitty litter if you decide to go there, but that may be an anti-valentine, huh?)
8) Spell it out in their favorite food (think the opening them of Napoleon Dynamite). Use Fruit Loops, Alphabet soup,ketchup etc. to share a special sentiment.

I guess if you didn’t have enough of one object to spell out something, you could always just do an initial instead.

I hope you find this project inspiring!

Until next time Swellions!



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