I own original art!

Original Art by Silvia Chenault

Check it out, tonight I bought canvas art from my wonderful friend Silvia Chenault! She is an amazing artist (find her work here as well) and zinemaker and she turned pages from her zines (this zine to be exact) into these large canvases!

I’m super excited about it! I’ve always wanted to buy original art on Etsy and the like, but I just haven’t done it. This purchase really makes me want to go out and buy more. I’m always seeing prints and art that inspires me, I just don’t take the time or money to invest in it!

Joshua's painting for me

And an equally cool piece of art I also got tonight? This colorful painted coloring book page by Silvia’s 5 year old son Joshua…hmmmm, I think I see another artist in the making. He has a natural talent for watercolor, I do believe!

Until next time Swellions!


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