Some of my favorite photos

I sometimes admittedly get overwhelmed by a daily blog. It’s a lot of work. OK, ok, I sound like I’m complaining…it’s just the “after midnight and I’ve not taken my picture or written my blog grumble”.

So, I thought I would share some pics of a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken in the past few years (well, the ones that are most accessible via Flickr). I’ve been taking photos since I was 18. My earlier photos weren’t much too look at…composition was poor and some were rather blurry, but once I got into college I was getting the hang of it. And then I got a digital camera, and then a better digital camera, and well, ya know…if you do anything for long enough, I guess you’re gonna get better.

Anyway, here’s some of my faves. I’m not going into huge detail, but I just wanted to share some fun ones I’ve taken, for various reasons or other.

banner blues
I’ve always been drawn to the colorful banners that you see at car dealerships. I stopped by on my commute home from my old work and took this with my old Pentax. It always took the best pictures! I think this is really sad, a depressing sentiment. Admittedly, I’m not always good at verbally being able to tell you how I feel about a situation or feeling, but I think I can speak these things through the lens. So don’t ask me to critique or analyze my work!

double exposure
A double exposure I took with my old Pentax. I rarely do double exposures purposely or well, but I like the colors and eeriness of this one that I took while on a Flickr walk/inside a parking garage of my friend Chris when I lived in Lexington.

dance like there's no tomorrow
Coming from a background in yearbook, I always have been drawn to pictures that tell a story. I think that’s why I like to take so many varied photos…up close expressions, wide angle views. I love the movement hery from these gypsy dancers. I love the color too.

the most beautiful girl
This is prob. my most favorite picture I’ve taken of my niece. She is a girl of many moods and I think I captured her intensity here. The wind was blowing perfectly that day on Tybee island. I hope she will enjoy looking back on this photo when she gets older and can appreciate it.

give me a hand
I’ve always loved the reflections and shadow of this shot. I think it’s quite stoic.

think green...
I think this architectural detail on a building turned out quite nicely…esp. cause I photographed it out the window quickly while driving by it!

father & daughter dance
I’ve always loved this wedding photo I took of my friend Laura and her dad. I think I could prob. technically improve upon it in Photoshop, but I like the story it tells. They were showing a clip from Top Gun and they were dancing to the theme. Her dad is an Air Force captain and she’s a big movie buff, so it was only appropriate for their first dance.

I def. think I captured a cool vibe in this photo of my friend Carey taken off Melrose in L.A. I think portait photography is my favorite type of photography. I am really at ease and happy when I take photos!

Well, off to bed! Hope you have a great day and I hope you enjoyed this walk down “Swell’s photo memory lane”.

Until next time Swellions!



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    Thanks for sharing your photos! Part of what makes me grow as a photographer is seeing other photographs that are well done. I love the gypsies and your niece. And the story of your friend’s wedding is wonderful!

    Great captures all!

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