In Love with Letters

One of these days I want a house filled with hints of vintage goodness. I love, love, love all things vintage and I would love to have original vintage signage.

Here’s a few that I found inspiring around the internet!
I’ve wanted this ampersand from Urban Outfitters from the first day I laid eyes on it!

This Texas Star decor (found via Country Living) is amazing. I’m not usually a worn out/rust girl, but for this I could def. make exceptions.

And I love huge letters that spell out a phrase like these CUP letters from the Sundance Catalog. So cool.

Well, better hop off to bed. I just took a Zicam. I’m crossing my fingers I don’t wake up sick tomorrow. I did everything I could to fight it today (I had a itchy throat when I woke up). Cross your fingers for me!

Until next time Swellions!



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    I agree – I LOVE THE WRAPPING LETTERS! I might have to do that! My new kitchen/dining area is quite WHITE at the moment. Hmm.

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    I actually bought one for my studio. I just haven’t shared it yet. It’s a metal sign with a 4 on it.

    I love the idea of doing a giant vintage saying/font painted on the wall. I’m thinking like the big giant “CAlifornia” you see on vintage postcards. I saw one in country living once…I looked for it for this post, but couldn’t find it. Bummer!

    Yes, I love the idea of them wrapping too. Soooo cool.

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    I sort of compromised-I decopaged those huge paper mache letters from JoAnn’s (bought with coupon of course). I used pages from a very old, over 100 years, book (set to be discarded). Mine was just part of a wall of different “F”s but I now totally want to do the wrapping idea.

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