Lookin’ for a good time? Go to the thrift store.

A week or so ago, me and Pattiewack went thrift shopping in downtown Fresno. I don’t usually buy a ton of stuff when I go thrifting. I do find a few occasional steals that I can’t pass up, but a lot of my trip is for amusement. I love the juxtaposition of crap in thrift stores and how random the items are. On top of that, I love all of the little items that come out of the woodwork. I thought I’d share a few of these today!

i actually think these clowns are quite cute. I like their stripes and their smiles. BTW, I have always liked clowns. They were in my bedroom as a child and they seemed more sad/emotive than scary to me. So when I see knick knacks like this, it warms my heart.

Not quite getting this, but I guess you can’t go wrong with a cat in a swashbuckler hat and a flesh tone stuffed baby.

A little disturbing, don’t you think?

Pattie found a clown with it’s pants down!

Make it stop! I think these are really goofy. I’ve had a fascination of late with the idea of spray painting characters like this. I guess they are supposed to look all antique-y and baroque like this, but I like the idea of modernizing them.

Thrift store adult diapers
Gotta love a package of adult diapers at the thrift store…and the name is classic! I will prevail wearing my adult diapers!

Embroidery art from Vintage Voola
This one isn’t all that funny…more quaint and cute. See you really can find a wide variety of stuff! You just have to keep your peepers open!!

Hope you have a great Tuesday! Until next time Swellions!



  1. says

    thanks for sharing girl!!! We love to do the Saturday morning thrift store, flea market, yard sale adventures. It’s so true…”One man’s junk truly is another’s treasure”


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