My weekend in photos

Yesterday, I went up to visit William in Modesto and then we went to Sonora, California. I am not incredibly familiar with my California locations, but Sonora is what is considered the “Foothills”. It’s around where a lot of the settlers came during the Gold Rush. Certain parts of it looked really Kentucky like, but just certain parts. It’s a lot more hilly than I’m used to seeing in the Central Valley, that’s for sure.

Anyway, a few things that I did while I was there…went to a potluck, played with Sofie, William’s 18-month old niece, went to old town Columbia (it’s an old West-looking town) to watch his sister do poi dancing, visited an apple orchard and distillery (I learned how hard apple cider was made), and planted pomegranates. It was a busy day!

Anyway, here’s a few pics. It is absolutely beautiful there. Very picturesque.

William planting his pomegranates. I helped with shoveling and planting. I even got my hands dirty!

Going one with nature
This one made me laugh…I didn’t realize till WIlliam pointed it out, but Frankie is totally peeing here!

On the mossy rock
Me on a mossy rock. Can you believe this is in his sister’s backyard??
Here’s William pondering the great outdoors.

Here’s William’s sister Heather doing her poi dancing in downtown Columbia . I think they look a LOT alike.

And her cute little girl Sofie. I think she liked me! It was my first time meeting her.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Hope you have a GREAT week!

Until next time Swellions!



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    Hey doll! What a beautiful area that is… does William’s sister go to Burning Man? We are already making our plans for Transformus in July, and I have a friend who does poi dancing that goes with us to burns.

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