This and That

Short post tonight. I felt really bad all day and pretty much slept the day away. If I don’t feel better tomorrow, when I wake up, I’m gonna go to the doctor tomorrow!

I did go my friend and co-worker Leah’s wedding on Sunday. Here’s a few pretty pics…

Blair and Leah
Blair and Leah with Mr. Tacky Glue! You can follow him on Facebook here.

Bridal Elegance
Leah looks back.

glass of bokeh
Pretty lighting on the table.

twinkle cupcakes
They had cupcakes instead of a regular cake. I had lemon and it was soooo yummy.

Look! It’s me!

I’m not incredibly tired after sleeping all day, but I better try to get to sleep. Crossing my fingers I feel better tomorrow! This has been going on way too long!!



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