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A couple of weeks ago, I became mesmerized by Amy Atlas’s event planning site. Amy and her staff’s work have been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Brides Magazine and a lot more publications and sites. I admire creativity in all kinds of ways and I get so giddy seeing it used in pretty table settings and food crafting! It is so appealing to see a pretty table of food be put front and center and become a showstopper! What is cool too after seeing her work is that that simple things make big impacts. Keeping a basic monochromatic color palette or arranging things in groupings with a tags with a touch of adornment and a pretty font really do make things stand out.

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Not to downplay the enormous amount of work and planning involved, I know that tables like these are a LOT of work. All the little details are what takes so much time. And it appears all of these table settings are perfect…I’m sure the Amy Atlas team has worked it down to a science at this point. It’s just fascinating to see it done so well. And something to definitely be inspired by and emulate. Creating scenes like this to perfection like they did…well that’s another story. I don’t think I could ever achieve something this grand. Just look at these cookies!!!

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Here’s more beauty shots. For more info on Amy Atlas and her event planning services, visit the Amy Atlas web site. I’m also equally smitten with her blog! It has a lot of great behind-the-scenes photos, recipes, and much more. So fun!

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Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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