Clean House??

Living room

Yeah, last night and tonight I somewhat cleaned. My brother and dad are coming tomorrow for a night visit and I’m trying to get it into order so I can try to avoid as few as comments as possible from my dad. He’s kind of a clean/neat freak about stuff, but by now I think he knows my housekeeping skills are a bit lackluster….hey, it’s a free place to stay after all!

If cleaning were a grade and I were being judged for my efforts, I would prob. get a D+. Haha. Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at making things look look polished, but in reality, they really aren’t. I got on Angie’s List tonight looking for a real maid. I hate to clean and while I think I made my place look someone spiffed up, you’d prob. still find some dust and cat hair if you choose to really look. Yeah, this is how I roll. I always have. I remember shoving stuff under the bed and into the closet as a kid and always having a few knick knack objects I had no clue as to what to do with. I never really got into the cleaning knack. The words “spring cleaning” isn’t really in my vocabulary, though it prob should be.

A little loopy

After all this cleaning, I’m feeling somewhat delirious.

OK, off to do a last minute scrub on the shower and to throw some clothes into the closet to hide.

Until next time Swellions!



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    I know your pain! I too missed that cleaning gene that most grown-ups have. It didn’t help that my Nana lived with us for most of my formative years and she and my mom did everything and my sister and I never had to learn to do any of it. Not even make our beds!

    Hang in there! IT looks clean to me and remember if he comments to just let it roll off your back. It’s your house and content with it.

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