Fun Thrift find

New art for my studio

A few weeks ago, I picked up this little gem at a local thrift store for $3. What a steal, huh? I wanted to give it a good home. Anytime I see a piece that was handmade for someone with such intricate detail, it always saddens me that it is now just discarded in a thrift store pile. I guess it just goes back to how when we pass away how unimportant our possessions are to other people. Kinda sad. I guess, though, it is good for me since I now own it and appreciate it. I love the message and I loved the back of it even more. So sweet.

back of art

It was obvious that Lecie meant a lot to Arline and what a thoughtful message to write. I also connected with it, cause she was prob. working on this piece around the time I was born (I was born Oct. 1, 1978).

Here’s a closer view of the detail on front.

art detail

Hope you have a great Monday!

Until next Swellions!



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