Life thoughts + Scenes from a Messy Studio

I have to admit something. I’m tired. I try to deny this a lot, but my body just won’t let it. I came home to take a 2 hour nap tonight and I had nightmares. It wasn’t pleasant. I think it was cause I was hot underneath the covers or something. Weirdness.

Anyway, along with this tiredness, I had one of those “Everything is wrong” in my world days. It wasn’t that I had a bad work day or anything, I just came home bummed out about stuff. Sometimes I get this way. I guess it is par for the course for being an artist/creative being. I sometimes feel overwhelmed in life. I know I’m not an exclusion to anyone else, but sometimes accomplishing what I want to do creatively, keeping up with social media, keeping commitments, cleaning, finances, getting enough rest, being healthy, nurturing or not nurturing relationships (and thus feeling bad about it) gets me down.

I guess with this in mind, I realize that sometimes things just have to give. That may mean that some parts may have to suffer for my own well-being. For example, if I miss a blog post, it doesn’t mean I didn’t want to blog that day, I was just unable to do so and I have to take care of me. Admittedly, I don’t like letting people down, but I guess I can’t let myself down either.

I’m going to keep busting it out/doing things, but I just need to be smarter about it. Maybe that means, I actually make that call and actually hire someone to help me clean/organize my studio or I take photos with my iphone (as you’ll see below) instead of having to take good quality shots. I just think for most of us with hectic/crazy lifestyles, there has to be a breaking point where we have those moments and say, “Hey, I gotta shut down the computer and get outside” or “This is the best I can do cause in reality I don’t have a twin who can do it for me”. I’m not seeking perfection, I never have. I just want to find ways to make things better and easier. If you have suggestions for this, please leave them in the comments section below.

Oh, and here are some photos of things from my studio. I have a lot of cool stuff and it is coming together in there, it’s just those fine tune/organization stuff I need help with. I always seem to get to a certain point where it is almost good, and then it becomes a huge mess again. Woe is me.

7, color wheel, and Pinkie and Blueboy
A little grouping with my Grandmother’s Pinkie and Blueboy, a number from Anthropologie, and a melamine plate from Target.

Striped and sprayed
Love this wrapping paper. Want to use it artfully in the room somehow. Also love the spray painted board. I love the look of spray paint.

Candy jar
The orange candy jar that belonged to my Grandmother
Sun Prints, Marilyn, and Burgers and Shakes
Sun print box (a thrift find…love the yellow&orange packaging, a Marilyn print, and a purse I made of a vintage sign in Lexington.

My plastic striped wall organizer with childhood photos and cards.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great end to the week!

Until next time Swellions!!!!



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    Have a good weekend yourself and don’t ever feel badly about taking care of yourself. We’ll understand.

    PS- I read from a sleep expert that you should take a 20 minute cat nap or nap for and hour and twenty minutes because it is long enough for you to complete a REM cycle. I’ve tried the hour 20 trick and it works. It feels better than going for the whole 2 hours. I know because I’m a nap addict.

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