Graffiti Glam Earrings

Graffiti Glam earrings

I’ve been going nuts as of late making these cute little rosettes. I blogged about them last week when I wrote about using the rosettes for rings.

I decided to up the ante and add a little bling to the rosettes and a little more grunge. I originally had wanted to keep the canvas white, but after making the rosette, I realized that the canvas was no longer white and had gotten a bit dirty with glueing and my hands. Anyway, that’s what gave me the idea to spray them.

So, here’s the instructions to make them. Scroll down to see more of my designs for earrings using this technique at the bottom of this post.

Graffiti Glam Earrings

– White canvas or white fabric
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint (I used black, orange, and fuchsia for mine)
Fabric Fusion Adhesive
– Scissors
– Headpins
– Pliers
– Embellishments: Tulip® Glam-it-Up Crystals, Studs, various rhinestones, etc.

Steps 1

1. Cut a 1″ wide x 12″ long strip of canvas.
2. Apply Tacky Glue to top of strip and fold over.
3. Once folded, apply another bead of glue, then fold over, as seen in photos above.

steps 2

4.Start twisting the canvas around the glued center.
5. As you twist, glue as you wrap the canvas around. After a couple of twirls around, you will see the rosette starting to take shape.
6. Leave a tail of about an inch when you get close to the end of the canvas strip. Glue the tail in place at the back and secure. Let dry.

Steps 3

7. Spray the rosette with the Fabric Spray Paint. Just a couple pumps of each color will saturate the rose with color.
8. Flip over the rosette and spray the back as well. Also cut and spray 2 small cut out canvas circles.
9. Using Fabric Fusion, glue the embellishments into place as desired.
10. Using your pliers, create a double loop with your headpin (it will resemble an 8). Place under the cutout circle and glue in place with Fabric Fusion. Let dry.
11. Open earring wire and attach to looped headpin. And you’re finished!

Here’s me wearing my finished earrings…

Wearing Graffiti Glam Earrings

And here are some of my other designs…I actually think I may like them better than the ones I did above, but the cool thing is that once you learn a technique/process that you love, in general, your work does get better over time. I created one of these pairs using a plain red strip of fabric and the other was used with a strip of fabric from a tie dye shirt!

Blue earring detail

Red earring detail

Hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial!

Until next time Swellions!



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