New Shoes!

side by side

I got some new shoes at Macy’s tonight! RocketDogs! I liked the little stitch on the side and the texture of them. I tend to gravitate toward black in my wardrobe (I swear, I prob have 7 or 8 pairs of black shoes already). I can’t help it, it’s what I like.

Here’s another pic of me wearing them…I had to get some new OPI nail polish (in Shopping Frenzy) from Sephora to complete the look. I kinda did like the nail polish and had my own shopping frenzy.

wearing new shoes

I also spotted these Trompe L’oeil Slip-On Converse, which I seriously want now! They are so cool!!! I can only buy one pair of shoes at a time, but I found some great prices on Google shopping site!!! I found another pair that are natural and red. I think I like may like them more than the blue ones!


Tonight I also went to Build a Bear and made my niece Ava a bunny named Penelope. I recorded her a couple phrases…”I love you Ava”, “Will you be my best friend?” and a giggle. Now that it’s inside the bunny, it sounds kinda creepy (the laugh mainly, and when I recorded it, it had a echo). I know it will prob. annoy my sister! Haha, but I hope little Ava loves it. She is turning 1!

Well, that’s my shopping excursion for the night! I hope you have a great Tuesday!!!

Until next time Swellions!



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