Cutest candy store ever!!

This past weekend, while up in Sonora, CA, I went with William to the cutest candy store called The Candy Vault!! It reminded me of the candy store in Willy Wonka. It was filled to the brim with sugar goodness. I loved the way they displayed their candy and the neat little niches they created to make it a whimsical place. Here’s some fun pics!

The Candy Vault Lollipops
Fun lollipops welcomed you inside the store!

The Candy Vault in Sonora
Here’s the outside. They had great branding that was throughout the entire store. Love that! By the way, I found an overview photo here, if you want to see what the store looks like as a whole. I forgot to take one!

Beans & Bokeh
Rows and rows of jelly beans, M&M’s and more.

Another candy view.

Candy Wall
Here’s the display from back. So colorful.

Tiddly Winks
There were lots of vintage games on the walls for d├ęcor. I particularly connected with this tiddly winks box (I had a tiddly winks game as a kid, not as cool as this one though).

Candy Galore
There were big bins filled to the brim with various candies!

Candy Mail Boxes
I loved how creatively the candy was displayed in these vintage mail boxes!

Door to Willy Wonka room
One of the cutest rooms was a Willy Wonka room that used to be a bank vault.

William in Willy Wonka room
Here’s William inside the Willy Wonka room. It had a GREAT mural on the wall. They played Willy Wonka non-stop (this has to be fun for customers, but annoying to employees). They also had pictures of the Willy Wonka characters all grown up!

I give this place 2 swell thumbs up!
I give this place two BIG thumbs up.

If you are ever in the Sonora, CA area do stop by. They also have ice cream, vintage sodas, homemade chocolates (and did I mention chocolate covered potato chips)?

Until next time Swellions!



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